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    Innovative Hydroponic

    Come in and get your grow on!

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    Learn how to have a completly organic system where your fish help grow your plants and your plants help grow your fish!

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    The fun, easy way to grow year round.

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    Organic Supplies

    Looking for organic Supplies? We have you covered with organic soils, nutrients, and pest control.

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    Grow Systems

    Come visit us an take a look at our grow systems. Kit systems or build your own.

    Innovative Hydroponic Supply

    Who we are…

    We are a locally owned hydroponic and organic gardening supply store located in Alcoa, TN that enjoys sharing the fun of growing with our customers, friends, and neighbors.

    What we do…

    Our employees are plant lovers who want to help you grow better weather it is hydroponically, organically, or with an aquaponics system. If you are new to the gardening scene we will help get you started, or if you’re a pro we can provide you with your favorite hydroponic and organic products. Looking for something specific? Just let us know and well find it for you.